on Cody Chesnutt (Singer)


(Originally posted on personal Line acc)

This been forever! 💥
So this evening I’m gonna talk about recent songs added to my ipod, its Cody ChesnuTT’s.
First off I’m not really listen to vocal r&b stuff but this sh*t is good! My first meeting with his song through Gary in Running Man ep 192, he played one of ChesnuTT’s song and it catched my attention. Then I searched for the articles about it, finally got the track.
Theres not much to talk about this guy, yet, but so far I’ve collected 10 tracks from his albums. Which is not that much compared to his 2002 album “The Headphone Masterpiece” containing 36 songs in total.
I honestly very happy about his songs. It brings me joy and take me to another perspective especially with the lyrics in “Boylife in America”.
But thats not included as my favs for some reason. But here’s my favs: “Love Is More Than A Wedding Day”, “Til I Met Thee”, “No One Will”, “What Kind of Cool Will We Think of Next”, and one of the calmest so far is “5 On A Joyride”, which is the song that Gary played and perfect for rainy days like this.
Let him take you to chill r&b atmosphere: 5 On A Joyride http://youtu.be/m7xp8ukrOrA


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