on Dark Matters: Twisted But True 


(orginally posted on personal Line acc)

I need to talk about this knowledge-gained show! This sunny day I’m gonna talk about one of my recent watch science tv show titled “Dark Matters: Twisted but True” the show aired in 2011-2012 on Science Channel.

In my way collecting materials for my final paper (HM case), I discover a video titled “Amnesiac – A histoy of Henry Molaison”. At first I thought its just amateur created short video. But, it happen to be 15 minutes re-acting scene from the actual case in one ep in tv show.
(because I’m bad at reading skill I think I’ll be better perceiver with audio-visual and hell yea I found this tv show in Luxury two days ago 😄🌈)
As my focus field is philosophy and sci-tech I found it hard to find a controversial case in surroundings, but after watch one ep of this show I began to see numerous stuff that I didnt know before, related to how amazing scientist could possibly do!
I’m in first season now and only watch 2 episodes so far, but my intension to change topic for my final paper keep bugging me… Because of this show.

I see how scientist can be very hype-crazy-awesome-ridiculous in doing science and not limiting what is it called impossibility.
There are 3 cases in each episode and my fav so far are dr. lobotomy, the army of ape, the philedelphia experiment, zapped to death, and others that I’m looking forward to watch.
In the beginning of each ep, the narator John Noble says to viewers;

“Ask yourself, does progress always come out the price? As some experiments too risky just wrong? A little curiousity cant hurt anyone.. Can it?” It already made me wondering.
Overall, this show is mind blowing and makes me always questioning “which one would be possible to replace my current material case in my final paper?” 😅
Watch one of the ep “Linbergh American Nazi, Suicide Song, Living Organ Donor”: https://youtu.be/wNuZdzWoO1U

(I havent watch that ep, I just pick up the most watch on youtube so you can judge wisely 😬)


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