on Let’s Eat! Season 2


(originally posted on personal Line acc)

Ah.. In this crowded monday I’m still gonna live my life by talking about this drama titled “Let’s Eat season 2”! Yup, its a drama full of foods!
Yoon Do Joong from “Beast” played the main role (Dae Yong) food blogger who meet in his 30’s with elementary school friend (Baek Soo Ji), played by Seo Hyun Jin. He coincidentally moved to new appartment next to Soo Ji’s.
Soo Ji used to be fat and have a sad life as she described in most of convos, while Dae Yong is a son of small restaurant owner. He used his persuasive skill to convince Soo Ji to buy lots of food. While Soo Ji thinks Dae Yong into her, till somehow the little Soo Ji knows the truth.
Soo Ji is writer and freelancer, she works for government project and has a crush with her acquaintance Sang Woo played by Kwon Yoo, but he’s just out of reach considering what another acquaintance tell her situation ‘different specs’. But one thing that I really like from this drama is Soo Ji’s determination to get married with Sang Woo with Dae Yong’s helping hand, although Sang Woo keep forgot her name and seems not atrracted at all with Soo Ji’s feeling through body language.
But honestly tho 40% reason why I watch this drama is because of foods.
I know nothing about taking good quality pictures and moves through camera but every, e-v-e-r-y eating session in this drama made me want to eat asap. I swear.
I feel like I want to eat mie aceh near kosan to taste jiggae (soup in korean) because of the color is almost just same.
Ugh, i love food.
but another 60% basically because the character, Sang Woo. Guuurl, he’s just hella has bunch of awesum ‘spects’; well mannered, well educated, well dressed, and wealthy. These all I need in a men in ma freakin layf! 💥😂
In ep 14 Soo Ji said to Sang Woo how she’s trying hard to not become “a lacking girlfriend”, and he replied, ” You are not lacking at all. You’re really amazing. So from now on, without anything to hide, i want you to show me everything.” AW AW AW 😍💃🏻
The only cons I have with this drama is the ending, it should’ve been better. Overall this drama storyline is light but heavy at the same time, and its real funny too.

Watch my fav scene; Dae Joon’s tips eating in convenience store https://youtu.be/6gLPwqF1Jow


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