on Lootera (Bollywood Movie)


(Originally posted on personal Line acc)

This evening I’m gonna talk about one of my recent collection of Indian movies titled “Lootera” or “robber” (according to Wikipedia).

“Lootera” is romantic/love story movie in 2013 that took year 1953 as the background settings. Well actually I’m not into love story, but a site made it in the list of ‘good’ bollywood movies you should watch, so yeah I give it a shot. But before further explanation, I honestly dont know about film technically. Its based on my ability to percieve and interpret so I know this movie worth to watch and make it into a post.
Just like other bollywood movies, “Lootera” divided into two parts by the “Intermission” text. The lenght before intermission is 1hr 06min; almost filled up with cheesy-love-story of rich daughter who met educated and good loking guy who apperently works with her father.

I honestly want to skip many scenes right away, but then I thought I jump on very early conclusion, and so I hold myself and continue to watch.
Then after intermission, the story changed into ‘paradox’ love story.
In this post, I prefer focus on the movie visually.
I must say, the remake of year 1953 is very on point (well at least in my opinion), the support came from the main place, the environment, the antiques, and (I dont know what is it called in movie-making-world) the clear-dusty filter. Also, the actors outfit is just hella perfect, make me feel satisfy visually in every-single-shots.
I forgot how many times I pressed pause button just to stay in one frame and enjoy it for quite some time.

As I said before, I prefer focus on visually than the story itself, but I think I should make a note to myself about ‘cheesy-love-story’ idea in my head.
After watching “Lootera” I realize its very wise to watch a movie and attach it along with background year of the general plot. The idea of ‘cheesy-love-story’ is based on my 21st century point of view (according to every romantic movies that have nothing to do with rich daughter and handsome-worker-guy).
I forgot for awhile how the love story might be in 1950’s.

Its my bad to jump on very early conclusion. Because after the intermission, there is no cheesy-love-story at all, it became a paradox love story.
Overall “Lootera” give me that ‘wondering’ vibe with beautiful places, and picturing 1950’s piece of India probably very well.
Give it a try to watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TExCF0YE4s


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