on Mask (Korean Drama)


(Originally posted on personal Line acc)

Ah… Another korean drama. Today I’m gonna talk about “Mask” a 2015 korean drama staring Soo Ae, Joo Ji Hoon, Yeong Jung Hoon, and Yoo In Young.
After spent 20 episodes (approximately 57 min each episode) I think this drama is satisfying by storyline. In the first 2 episode I can see myself clickin the next episode button. The title “Mask” is just exactly correct in describing the main problem which is (surprisingly) started in the first ep.
I suppose the premise of this drama probably be “What if the poor living life as the rich and the life of the rich turns out to be living like in hell.” because this drama is just hella serious, full of intention, very intense, and presented with typical stereotype drama (in general); the backsounds, soundtracks, settings, and dialogues.
This drama made the viewers jump in to Byun Ji Sook’s (Soo Ae) journey of braveness (in each ep), from the bottom to the top considering her family members and her own vision deals with moneylender.
I took the silver lining as the pressure point; “money doesnt buy you happiness, but yeah it does buy you short term kind of happiness which is people and materialistic stuff.” And, “be rich, wise, and kind, dont forget your home ground.”
I think thats all I can say for this drama. The need for me to have lots of money is raising after watching this, hahaha 💸😂
“Mask” trailler here: https://youtu.be/xsmvRY9hiK4


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