on Misaeng (Korean Drama)


(Originally posted on personal Line acc)

This evening I’m gonna talk about my currently watching k-drama titled “Misaeng” or “an incomplete life” (according to wikipedia).
My first meeting with this drama through Gary (singer) with his song “Lonely Night” in Jan 2016. Basically he got inspired by this drama and so, I got curious. What makes this drama probably my fav so far is the fact that the storyline and the way it presented is just different from other mainstream drama from SBS, KBS, and MBC. I’m actually having a doubt at first because its aired on TvN, but then after first episode I cant wait to jump on to the next one.
“Misaeng”‘s setting is in 2014 but because the main character, Geu Rae, did flashback in the first episode, it made almost whole drama’s setting in 2012. Geu Rae telling his unfortunate life story, about his efforts to make living for his poor family with many part time jobs that made him sacrificing his love with GO (Korean traditional game board) and did not have time for school.
Then, his life changed when he’s 26 years old doing internship in trading company.
I became a very detail person when it comes to tv shows and dramas most of the time. I can say Geu Rae’s character really living in me as a viewer because his love with GO guiding me to the way he think with strategies, intentions and results.

And also, his personal perspective explicitly in this drama give me insights about dealing with anxieties, accepting yourself, how is it life as common employees, the way he sees working life, how he dealing with various types of people, facing problems, dealing with public needs and his ability to stand up despite all the praises and hates he got.

All in one — step by step.
I’m sure this drama will make each of their viewers ‘think’. Here, I’m quoting how good Geu Rae’s way of thinking in playing GO implemented in doing business:
“In order to understand why this move was made, you must look at the previous move. This could happen during business. In order to understand why the opponent is resisting, you must review the previous moves. What might have looked like a small problem, might not be at all. Thats what was going on.”
Overall, I just cannot believe how each characters built succesfully in this drama which I never saw in others.
I’ll conclude this post with my other fav of Geu Rae’s sayings:
“At the end of the day there’ll be people will be misunderstood about an event, because they just have no idea behind it. Just focus on things that needed to be done and hang in there.”

Good night! 🤗👔🌙


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