on Running Man “I’m Sorry, I Love You”


(originally posted on personal Line acc)

THIS EPISODE is just…. whoaa 😱
Theres a bunch of running man ep that I like because its just hella funny, but this ep, this kind of ep storyline that I absolutely have no chill.
The title of the ep is “I’m sorry, I love you” basically all running man members including staff asking for apology to ‘unlucky’ guests because they’ve been kind of mistreating as guests in each of running man eps they’re in; Park Seo Joon “During the winter, we made you walk barefoot in the icy water.”, Lee Yo Won with harsh water game, Hee Jun for being called “fatty” by Jong Kook, and other guests.
BUT! In the end of the ep, the segment turn out to be asking for apology between running man members.
I like the idea of this ep where running man members focus on their own relationship to one another and get more personal to viewers.
But before further talks, here’s the thing, I’ve been watching running man since 2013 and eversince then I grew with them, I grew with their style of comedy. I get started approaching their new kind (for me) variety show and getting to know their inside jokes. I just adore their togetherness, as seen on tv.
But then, this ‘asking for apology’ segment realizing me of each members as individuals.
Jong Kook said to Jae Suk that his body cant cope anymore with the expectation of viewers and variety show needs.

Ji Hyo told Kwang Soo how grateful she is to be heard and held in the beginning of running man because Ji Hyo cant mingle with other members.

Suk Jin told Haha how he several times talked to producer about quitting.

Haha told Gary about how sorry he is for “squid” joke he made last year and affect him till now.

Jae Suk said to Gary about questioning their jobs (roles) in running man as members, he picturing kids playing in the same playground.
Its honestly broke little piece of my heart when Suk Jin, Ji Hyo, Jong Kook, and Gary think about their presence in running man, they think it’ll be good for others if he/she quit. But for me as a viewer I think they’re perfect being themselves and basically being together.
When Jae Suk said about kids on the same playground, slightly I think its gonna be the last running man ep. Well I hope its not. I hope running man will always be there every monday. Brings the joy to the viewers despite all the low rating stuff.
It may sounds very stupid and corny but I have ultimate love with this funny-awesome-smart-wonderful-daebak game show. I genuinely support their efforts and what they’re doing. I simply love running man.
I hope they will always run. And I know it wont be forever but I just hope they’ll always be there, seven members, as a family.🏃💙💥
Running Man manse! 😄👌

Watch their amazing ep “I’m sorry, I love you (special)”: http://kshowonline.com/kshow/4811-%5Bengsub%5D-running-man-ep.295


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