on Troye Sivan (Singer)


(Originally posted on personal Line acc)

This afternoon I’m gonna talk about recent added song on my ipod, its “Suburbia” by Troye Sivan.

My first meeting with Troye in 2013 through his “Coming Out” video where he publicly said his sexual orientation. Then in 2014 he released hit single “Happy Little Pills” and caught my attention with his dream pop music style. And really, i got curious and wonder if he may make another song release in the future.
And finally in December 2015 Troye Sivan released his second studio album “Blue Neighbourhood”. For me, two of the catchiest songs in his album are “Wild” and “Suburbia”. At first, there is no particular “Suburbia”‘s lyrics that catch my attention, but it do a great job giving me dreamy-ultra reality vibe. After I do some ‘research’ (by research i mean googling) about the lyrics and meaning behind the song, i’m more into this sh*t, its so damn g00d!
In my conclusion, “Suburbia” is simply unbeatable.
Feel his music vibe through “Suburbia” http://youtu.be/teuo0G9UZMg


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