on 50 First Date

5bbab400-a739-0133-b349-0e438b3b98d1Whoaa. I jump to my phone right after watch this movie, because I cant handle this feeling.I’m gonna talk about this Adam Sadler’s movie, and no, no its not his funny movies, but this “50 First Date” movie released in 2004.
One of my guy friend recomending this movie to me because my ex-final-paper-topic related to this story, which is Henry Molaison short term memory lost case. Then after long days of procrastinating, I finally move my fingertip.
aaand It was a bitter-sweet movie.
Ouch my little-tiny heart 😢
This movie is so sad by story line, awesum by the setting place, and yet I still have some cons about this aswell.
The story started with Henry (Adam Sadler) one day his wreck ‘yacht’ broke and he uses emergency boat and went to nearest island then sat in a breakfast restaurant. In this place, he met Lucy (Drew Barrymore). He got interested with her and start the convos till they promise to seeing each other in the next morning at the same place.

Which is not happening as what it was planned.
Not because she didn’t came, but she forgot who is he.

Long story short, he finally knew that she was in a terrible car accident that she suffer with short term memory lost and affected with losing her memory after she fell asleep every night. And its been a year since the incident and she’s still doing the same things every-single-day just like the day before that accident happen.
In conclusion, there is no way Lucy can remember Henry as a guy who flirts her yesterday.

Everyday is literally a new day for her.
But, Henry isn’t give up on Lucy. He records and make a video just so she could watch every morning after she woke up then makes her remember who, how, and why she is here and reason he’s around.

And this kind of patient and sacrifices really makes my heart melt + the setting place is just beautifuul 👌🏻 (is located in Hawaii)… 😱😍
I feel like this movie is just honest; not too much for the romantic stuff, entertaining with little comedy, and always know where to take a nice shot and yeah not wasting beautiful sceneries (point plus!).
But the reason why I’m saying this is ‘honest’ movie is because if the romantic scenes compare to The Notebook or A Walk to Remember, I feel like both are too much and it made me literally day dreaming about those-unrealistic-things (especially in The Notebook).

But this movie bring up the romantic scene lightly, not too much, and yet it still made my heart melts.

Whoever direct or in charge to handle the camera I just wanna say you did an excellent job! 🏝😍
But yeah there is no things such a perfect movie (I assume).

This movie could’ve been better if the telling-the-truth-to-Lucy scene fully presented and not only skip to how she reacts, because dude I wanna know how the actors say after 2 of her family members lied to her almost a year about whats really going on with her life. I just wanna know.

And yeah thats probably because that scene is in the middle of the movie and still with Henry’s perspective, because in the very end when Lucy woke up in one morning, the scene presented a very short Lucy’s perspective.

That’s actually nice trick.
But I still have questions linger in my head:

1. Is shark really bite Ula?

2. Why Lucy’s big muscle brother never wear a appropriate shirt? The only thing he wear is crop top or tank top with holes or shirtless.

3. What is the gender of (braidman)? Because I barerly see tities and yet the braid on top of the head is 👼
And for additional comment, its probably because I already watch Adam Sadler’s funny movies cause I just wanna laugh watching he acts in serious way. And also I just say that Drew Barrymore is very beautiful and I really want to have her type of hair, blond-beachy-messy hair 💁
Watch the trailler here: https://youtu.be/ErjP5xMTc8I


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