On Reply 1988 (Korean Drama)



Today, after procrastinating a lot I’m gonna talk about this drama that probably on the FIRST list of the best drama I’ve ever watch in my entire existence.. its Reply 1988 or Answer Me 1988.

First thing first I have no idea who’s the casts because I see bunch of new faces. The only reason why I watch this because I watched ‘Youth Over Flowers Africa’ back then and the casts is from Reply 1988.. and so yeah why don’t give it a shot.

The year of the drama’s story took in 1988-1989 specifically on one of small district in Seoul. The story focus on  life of 5 families living in the same alley: two families living in the same house area and the others apart. The family is not only connected by the areas but also by their own children and the adults. In the very beginning of first ep, the viewers will see how simply the connectivity build between each families by giving-taking food delivered by the children. What I mean by children is 16-18’s years old high school students. For me personally whom already watch various kinds of drama, the setting of Reply 1988 is very simple, about life in neighborhood. But, the simplicity here that really take this drama to higher level of ‘what audio-visual entertainment suppose to achieve’.

I think its because the drama setting’s in 1988 when there’s no internet and smart phone, compared to nowadays contexts’ (real life and drama), I see that the life in reality and nowadays dramas are taken for granted every big and little things that actually really matter in life. For example, recently I finished watch 2015 Korean drama titled’Glamorous Temptation’ the whole story is about money, power, and revenge. And I watch it for its’ 50 eps! Ugh.. but Reply 1988 with its simplicity successful picturing a heartwarming and blessed-type-of-feeling to me with simply home cooking food, angry parents, and the power of giving material things. Because stuff isn’t that important compare to how kindness, caring, and togetherness humans could possibly do in everyday life.

I’m feeling overjoy with whoever made the script that made the whole story very relevant to nowadays type of internet-real life-city based-society. I never knew that korean drama would actually made me cry for 4 times and a time bigger than the cast itself! Which is very unusual.. 😀 I have lots of fav sayings from this drama. One of my fav and made my little-tiny-fragile heart said “ouch..” is in the end of the FIRST ep:

“Me and your mom are sorry. It’s because we didn’t know.  When your sister was born, we were worried about how to teach her. When you were born, we were worried about how to raise you. And when your brother was born, we were worried about how to shape him into a good person. Dads don’t automatically become dads the moment you’re born. It was my first time being a dad.”

EVEN FROM THE VERY FIRST EP, I knew that I will always click on next ep button and replay all of ’em the time I finished. One of my guy friend one time ‘complaint’ about how his parents raise him not what actually he expects to be. From this drama point of view I see how him, me, and maybe you whom reading this ‘forgot’ that parents are still human.. that maybe have past life similar to us.

Another fav saying is in 8th ep when Jung Bong (the oldest son in a family) going to have heart surgery:

Jung Bong’s mom: What’s wrong, my son? You handled that other huge surgery so well, too.

Jung Bong: You’re a strong person, Mom.  You’re a strong person, but your son has such a weak body… and such a weak heart.

Jung Bong’s mom: Why is my child weak? You have so much strength, because you take after me. Do you think just anyone overcomes such a difficult surgery like you did? Jung Bong, that, in and of itself, is an amazing feat. You’re a much stronger and greater person than I am, honey.

and after that scene the mom went outside in excuse to watch tv and cried alone.


Heres what makes I really looooove to watch drama. I like to see people’s perspective in one specific time and place that situated and supported with backsound/soundtracks. Because I think, sountracks is a vital point in building viewers’ emotion. And this drama,had the best korean drama soundtrack so far! Hands down!! Because it just fit the settings, the mood, the story, and everything is very well presented.


Finally, this drama have 20 episodes with 1 hr and 30 min long each ep. Its like watching 20 movies after all, but VERY WORTH TO WATCH!


Give it a shot to see a new life’s perspective on Reply 1988; the exchange food on ep 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9kqJWTzMcM




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