on Stranger Things (Tv Show)



Today I’m gonna talk about this 2016 Netflix web series titled Stranger Things.
First of all the story of this series is not like Aziz Ansari’s Master of None which is also Netflix series and it’s not my likely to watch kind of tv show which is sitcom, family or yeah everyday life. but Stranger Things is different, its thriller and so its different in many ways.

My first meeting with Stranger Things through a Youtuber who said this series in her list of a must watch TV show, aaand also from my guy friend told me Stranger Things is a great series to watch. So yeah why don’t give it a shot.
I tried to make my judgment as clear as possible although I already acquired something about the ‘greatness’ of Stranger Things, from what people said and the rating on IMDB which is 9/10. But, in the end, I always make a comment even to little thing that make Stranger Things could’ve been better.

The story setting is in Hawkins, Indiana in November 1983. Started with the missing boy name Will who disappear mysteriously and at the same time, a 12 years old girl name Eleven or El runaway from experiment lab name Hawkins National Laboratory (owned by US Dept of Energy). The searching of Will is not only been doing by Police and family members but also Will’s best friends; Mike, Dustin, and Lucas. Those three kids met Eleven accidentally in forrest which is the same forest as the Will’s bike found and rode in his way home after spent time playing in Mike’s house the night before.
The story starting up like this till the search leading the characters to secret government ‘weapon’ project and it happen to be the gate to a ‘new world’ a new dimension.

I have to say, the general idea of having two dimensional reality based on Carl Sagan’s dimensional theory (which I’m not verified it yet) that says; there is another dimension with high magnitude out there that exist and liven up as the same as we do is pretty good for a tv show.
From my experience, the general idea similar to it is commonly in sci-fi movies and I’m impressed with each episodes for embodied this idea.
I have to add, 44 min for one ep of TV show is pretty long, because its usually 20 – 35 min max, but 44 min in Stranger Things is not enough at all! This tv show should’ve been in sequel movies.

I finally knew what and how this series in the 9 out of 10 rating on IMDB. First, the story. The background story in 1980’s with the science stuff, civils, police, government and maybe cold war atmosphere with Russia at that time. and its fascinating. I couldn’t agree more.
Second, the setting. Here I’m talking about back sound, soundtracks, opening font title, ending song, and the consistency pattern at ending every ep is whoaaah! Hands down! The opening and ending song matches and represent how thrilled and dark the story is.
Third, the acting skill. Oh my gosh the actors are just fit into the characters, especially Eleven played by Millie Brown (btw born in 2004). She’s a very talented child actress.

But, in the end, I must say that Stranger Things is not really deserve to be in 9/10 because of these:
1. Stranger Things still using that shocking technic to make viewers jump into a horror vibe which is very not a very good way considering the story line already creepy.
2. I know typical thriller/horror story line that makes the viewers as ‘know it all’. And it also picturing almost all scene in this series. I honestly feel disappointed with the fact that no one believe in Will’s mother experience yet she’s in the end that telling the truth. It’s honestly very old way to do any audio-visual-entertainment (I believe).
I expect more than that. I’m hoping a new way to say to viewers “hey viewers there’s no such things as I ‘know it all’ because me as one of the main character don’t know what would it be in the end.”
3. About the story… I honestly think it’s kind of misleading to include monster in the story. Just because the story based on multi dimensional reality doesn’t mean that it have to be a monster world. Well, okay if that world coherent with the sci-fi movies like jedi in star wars (or game board that also played by those children as main characters) but.. really… a monster world?

After those considerations, I give Stranger Things 8,9 out of 10. (and yes, its different).

In the end, I’m so glad I’ve watch this tv series. Thank you for recommending this kind of series to me, its very new to me from the story, actors, and settings. I genuinely recommend Stranger Things for those who craving a childhood adventures entertainment.

Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWxyRG_tckY


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