on 30 Rock (season 5)


Today I’m gonna say few words about this tv show that I’ve been watching since last year and postponed for a while and watching it again just because I’m curious…. it’s “30 Rock”.

First of all, I’m not even done yet watching the whole 8 season. I’m only in season 6 ep 1 right now. That’s why this is gonna be a bit comment on this show.

For the first 3 season I really have no intention to make this tv show as my must-see, just because I do not really feel it ‘attractive’ in a way; the whole situation creates Liz Lemon and the character of Jack Donaghy is slightly not fit in to be played by Alec Baldwin. Therefore, for the first 2 season, my entire focus is on Tracy Jordan cause HE IS SICK AF and also Kenneth (‘the slave’ of TJ) because Kenneth is the only one person who has a different way of thinking from the entire cast. Those two characters are my only reason for me to keep watching 30 Rock.
Honestly, the whole season 3 and 4 got me into the point where “this series is merely trying-too-hard-make-up-story line”, I’m sorry to those who love this show, but I’m just not feeling ‘the pressure point’ of this show.
Until I watch the entire ep in season 5.

I admit I was wrong to judge the entire existence of this show as “not attractive” because in season 5 (and maybe started from season 5) those judgments could be wrong. Let me make up clear that: I think 30 Rock season 5 is the best season filled with best-written script and storyline in all of my experience watching various western tv series in my whole life! Whoaaa… started with “30 Rock Live Show” in episode 4, the making of “Queen of Jordan” which is a reality show starring the wife of TJ, to the fact the Tracy Jordan won Oscar with his “Hard to Watch” movie and how he reacts to it.

Finally, I see the attracting point in 30 Rock; in season 5, 30 Rock has finally shown what I mostly like in every single ep in tv show; a deeper story about characters whom mostly involve. Unlike the story in season 1-4 which mostly shows a large-scope story.

That’s it. I named it.

Overall, I probably gonna put a word till I’m really done all the 8 season in future.

Watch one of 30 Rock sketch “Queen of Jordan: “It’s my way to payday” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ix4pofNiC38


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