on My Wife Having An Affair This Week (Korean Drama)



WHOAA….I’m so done procrastinating.

Today I’m gonna talk about this 2016 drama titled “My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week”

First of all, the only reason why I watch this drama is because of Song Ji Hyo and it intriguing with the fact that I never watch anything from JTBC channel. The title itself just hella damn catchy for a Korean drama x)

According to its’ Wikipedia Page, the drama based on 2007 Japanese Tv series with the same title. Well, I think it still is a very nice drama after all 😀

The main plot of this drama majority centered in Do Hyun Woo played by Lee Sun Kyun who married Jung Soo Yeon played by Song Ji Hyo. They have a 7 years old kindergarten son.
I actually watched family type of dramas before but I never watch something like betrayal in marriage (which is what this drama came up with); a slightly normal family with internal issues.

The first 6 episodes, the drama presented his family life from the husband’s perspective. He accidentally knew that his wife having an affair and they (his wife and her affair) been decided to meet in scheduled time and place a.k.a this week. Hyun Woo’s figure is a husband has had difficulty to express his feeling towards the situation to his wife’s face. Therefore, he posted a discussion text that said “My wife having an affair this week. What should I do?” in an online forum.
And from then the story begins.

After only 12 episodes I can finally say that this drama is one of the well-written drama that focuses on main characters building. Although I said before in the first 6 episodes focus on the husband perspective, then after that, it would be even (both of main roles and characters surrounding them). And I really appreciate the writers’ commitment to stick with ‘wife having an affair’ story that fulfills the whole plot in general.

What I mean from the ‘characters building’ as I said before it came from the maturity of the lead actor who feels at first that ‘he is the victim in his wife’s acts’ to ‘he realized that he is the cause of everything that happened’. This progress is a meaningful journey both from leads actors.
As a viewer, I can see a major hidden message “not taken for granted to every people that complete our life in everyday living’, very obvious.

Other than that, the ‘sprinkles’ surrounding the main story is quite interesting, but I can see this drama run for another 4 episodes because 12 episodes with this storyline are just too short, especially in the last episode (ep 12) that I find rushing the story :<

But seriously, this drama is simply addicting.

And for anyone who’s been watching Song Ji Hyo’s 2014 drama Emergency Couple and find that her role just not fit in (just like I do), you should go watch this drama, because her role is fit perfectly as an ‘innocence looking wife with an affair’.

I mean seriously, she’s much better at playing as ‘less talking’ role.
Still a fan of her tho 😀

Watch the teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqRQCtmyWBQ


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