Top 5 Most Creative YouTube Channel


Unlike the usual, today I’m gonna talk about top 5 most creative Youtube channel according to entertainment aspects a.k.a my type of interest. I’ve been holding to write this post considering the limit of my subscriptions.
BUT, as desclaimer this is not in the sense making it be ‘the ultimate’ but rather a ‘sort-of’ recommendation what to watch as a viewer from my experience in 7+ years watching youtube videos.

Yup, I was born as a viewer.

1. Nigahiga
I’m not exactly remember which video that I watched in my first meeting with his works, but I remember in my earliest meeting with Ryan Higa (the person behind Nigahiga) through his video titled “Why Chris Brown Hit Rihanna’ in 2009. At that time if y’all remember there’s a rumors going on about Rihanna assaulted by Chris Brown and Ryan made a parody of that rumors. After almost 6 years being one of his subscribers, I do still remember exactly the entire script of that video because it simply hilarious >:D
“You look so dumb right now, standing outside my house trying to apologize, you’re so ugly when you cry. Just cut it out. And dont tell me you sorry cause you’re not. Chris I know you only sorry you got caught”
These literally Rihanna’s Take a Bow lyrics xD

Almost all of his videos are my faves so far because I think as one of the legend of Youtube with 19+ million subscribers, he is one of the most innovative, creative, smart and always produce great quality content especially now with his production team aka RHPC stands for Ryan Higa Production Company. It is a fact that there are plenty of people whom doing Youtube stuff just to gain money and fame and to be honest I dont think Ryan search those two things along with his Youtube success. He’s just passionate and always getting better of what he’s doing. And I always feeling hype whenever his new videos up in my subscriptions tab šŸ™‚

Watch Ryan Higa “Why Chris Brown Hit Rihanna”

2 Jon Olsson
Oh my goodness.. I honestly just discover this channel not long ago, well maybe just almost a month ago which is very surprising considering this channel is on my 2nd list of most creative channel on Youtube. He is Jon Olsson.
Jon is actually say “Yun”, he is professional Swedish ski racer that have been doing ski for more than 20 years and now beside skiing, he travel across the globe (literally everywhere) and make daily videos (vlogs) with his cameraman Marcus Valeur.

My first meeting with Jon Olsson’s work through suggestion tab on my Youtube home page. The first video I watched titled “CAN WE ACTUALLY VLOG ON A RED CAMERA?”. There is no specific reason other than curious, because I know how expensive RED Camera would be and the fact that it just so heavy to carry on for daily vlogs. After that one video I instantly became obsessed with their works with all my ‘whoaaa!’ commentary.

Hands down, all this time I’ve been watching crappy daily vlogs with shitty editing but THIS CHANNEL, with their entire content is ABSOLUTELY WORTH TO WATCH. I mean if you’re type of people who enjoy Youtube videos hat leaves certain type of feeling when you watch it with the contents, camera settings and cinematography (even it’s just only online videos not movies or tv show), YOU WILL KNO WHAT I FEEL. Both of them (Jon and Marcus) especially Marcus whom the camera holder and editor, he’s a pro that knew what to shoot, how to shoot, what’s the perfect angel, how to use a beautiful scenery to be captured even more beautiful, how to edit very well and fast, how to put a ‘supportive’ music and he’s just SO GREAT doing his job. Seriously tho I watched their vlogs when they’re in Lombok couple weeks ago and my entire reaction is jaw dropping (literally >:D)!
Why am I so excited just to watch online videos? Huh, I’m wondering about that too, but they use very-very sophisticated cameras to shoot and sometimes with 4K and 8K quality! They just OVERKILL Youtube daily vloggers with several Go Pros, Red Cam, a Sony, several Canon and Drones.

Ok. I’m gonna shut up.
Just watch their awesomeness! >:D

3. This Is A Commentary
The person behind this channel is Tre Melvin. My first meeting with Tre is from IISuperwomanII’s video titled ‘Types of People During Christmas’. I just curious with the guy who speaks sarcastic and act very well on that vid and it turns out to be Tre Melvin!
Tre Melvin’s type of video content usually sketches and parodies that filled with dark comedy. At first, I’m not really get what he’s saying (because he speaks very fast with ghetto accent and slang) but it gets easier to watch and listen to what he saying using headphone šŸ˜€ Well, despite all of it, dark comedy entertainment is actually very rare to me, but through bunch of his funny sketches series with his alter ego named Watermelondrea where he played as a getho girl, Brown Granma and other made up characters I finally see the ‘beauty’ of his comedy style; dark jokes in ghetto life. My mind is actually messed up to watch his videos continuously just because he’s just into each characters (thats so different compare to what I’ve been watching) and I’m laughing in a painful way! >:D

After all, I highly appreciate his works in managing his looks goes along with the characters that he played that still be very looking appropriate (if that makes sense). He’s simply amazing in creating a commentary through sketches. Hands down!

Watch one of his creative works (and one of my fav as well) ‘Try Again Next Year’

4 Cyanide & Happiness
This is actually a short comedy animation seriesĀ from Explosm Entertainment Youtube channel that I discover through one of my girl friend. At first she’s shocked when I said I never heard about this channel but I do recognize the works through tumblr posts. She describes this cartoon series as plot twist type of video. After only several videos I became obsessed with this channel type of jokes!
The rates of video is not that long (less than a minute) and there is no one fixed character in every video which made it easier because it sticks to short and funny video that I can jump on random video without have to worry following specific story (although there’s several characters with specific story line). However for me (at least) this videos channel is not to be consume for under age viewers ’cause the jokes is linger on adult stuff x)

Overall, I adore and appreciate those people behind the computer screen and who do voiceover. This stories are fresh and addicting considering I always pump up whenever their new video came up. Watch one of my fav compilation ‘Cyanide & Happiness Compilation – #12’

5 IISuperwomanII

There are some people who judge her with her videos to be exaggerate and she’s just not funny in doing comedy. For me when I first time watching her video, I do think the same “She is trying too hard to get attention and made me cringe”. But at that time I’m trying to get to know her stuff better and after more than a year and a half later I’m still be on of her 10+ million subscribers.

Lilly Singh is the person behind this channel, She is Canadian with Indian descent. Her comedy is relatable, not usual and sometimes followed by not so good acting (well she got better now). The only reason why I still watch her main channel videos and vlogs is just because she inspires me a lot to hustle and conquering life. She’s a workaholic that produce a entertaining content with her ‘positive vibes’ atmosphere (especially in her daily vlogs). Other than that, Lilly Singh also have an alter ego a.k.a she also acts as her ‘fake parents’ with wardrobe and full make up. The series mostly named with ‘My Parents React to’, and those reaction sometimes very funny.

Finally, I declare that Lilly SinghĀ have a good sense of humor in her main Youtube channel, a creative videoĀ thinker and actor and she is just amazing. Watch one of my fav video of hers ‘How Girls Text Back’Ā


Aaaand that’s a wrap! I mention top 5 most creative Youtube channel based on my experience. Honestly, watching Youtube videos at first is only for time killing and boredom ’cause theres no interesting I have nothing to do besides watching boring tv program. But it gets addicting as the time goes by. I practice my listening and speaking in english through Youtube videos. In early time of my Ā ‘journey’ as a viewer, I really have no idea what these people say, like “what is this video been discussing?” and now I can proud to say my ears gets 10 times more sensitive in listening to native speaker than before. Even now I can understand those fast talker like Ryan Higa, Tre Melvin and Lilly Singh says throughout their videos unconsciously :D.

Whoa, too much talking.

Thank you for spending your time reading these all.



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