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Today I’m gonna talk about this 2016 well-known drama titled ‘Goblin: The Lonely and Great God’.
(I know bruh I’m so late and so I immediately wrote this after done watching the drama)

Maaaan, I thought the story of Faith (2012) and You Who Came From The Star (2013) was the highlights of the fantasy drama, but what Goblin offer just go beyond my expectations in the story, cinematography, tv drama visual effect and product placements.

First of all, the general plot centered in the concept of incarnated life and karma in humans life. The word ‘Goblin’ is represented as god aka a human with superpower; in fighting, stopping time, teleportation, immortality, seeing future and woking up the dead. Goblin played by Gong Yoo as Kim Shin and honestly at first, I cannot take Gong Yoo roles seriously since he appeared in Running Man 3 years ago, but in the end, the role of Goblin is just fit with him very well.
This Goblin is 939 years old and he just cannot die before the swords in his chest being pulled out by his ‘Goblin’s bride’. Ater long waiting, that bride is a 19 years old high school student, Ji Eun Tak played by Kim Go Eun. Jie Eun Tak’s mother supposed to be dead along with Ji Eun Tak (when she stills a fetus) but the Goblin help them to ‘cheat death’ and so her mother can raise Ji Eun Tak before she died 9 years later. Therefore Ji Eun Tak’s known as ‘missing soul’ (a soul that is not supposed to be live) in Grim Reaper community. Grim Reaper played by Lee Dong Wook that apparently in his previous life is the killer (when he was the king of Goryeo) of the Goblin. The reason why Wang Yeo (the real name of Grim Reaper) is turned into Grim Reaper is that he committed big sin in his previous life as a king.
So Goblin and Grim Reaper living together but both of them have no idea who Grim Reaper really is.
These 3 roles are generally the main roles of how the imaginative yet satisfying story begins.
From the story itself (even from the first episode), I just can’t stop adoring how amazing Kim Eun Sook (Goblin’s writer) is! This drama is so different, imaginative yet working out very nicely!

Never in my experience watch a very well written fantasy drama with amazing cinematography with visual effects until this drama shows me everything in one big scene. Besides, this drama is not like typical drama when usually the highlight scenes happened then a dramatized soundtrack being played. Most of the highlight scenes in this drama show with quiet and (I think) it allowed viewers to more focus on body language and dialogue between each character. My reaction was like, “Yeah! This is different!”. I find this drama is just very straightforward and blending very well with product placements. Very unlikely in most of the popular dramas!
Not only well written and well showed, this drama is actually very funny! There are lots of cute and funny dialogues/scenes just here and there. It’s just so different and funny.
Anyway, I’m so impressed with Kim Go Eun roles as Ji Eun Tak because she’s a newcomer but she really can liven up the entire drama with her childish smile and acts!

Let’s talk about the cinematography. Okay, I don’t know much about the scope of cinematography or true meaning behind “cinematography”, but I believe for sure that the person behind the camera of this drama is doing AMAZING JOB in capturing situations; sights, angles, and atmosphere. The color gradation, locations, properties, clothes, dialogues and visual effects. I cant… I just cant… The biggest highlight for me probably in the first episode where the Goblin has torn the ship apart. Maaan, it’s truly just like box office movies. Not Korean drama on local tv.

Seriously tho I REALLY want to learn drama script writing and cinematography with people behind this drama.
When I thought “Oh well the story is over” in ep 14, it turns out to be the NEW STORY has just begun. (Maan, another Korean drama suck in ending part and you want to create NEW BEGINNING in ep 15 meanwhile your final ep is in ep 16??)
But no, I was wrong, Goblin you nailed it, you did a very great job in creating the opening and ending a story.

But, there is still a slightly minor thing that I hope it did not appear in this drama;

First, there are several times that the transitions between one scene to another is not well put (it so rough).
Second, the oldish scene as the flashback is the same scene that is used repeatedly, too much and sometimes unnecessary.
Third, I’m not a fan of the original soundtrack. I only like the background.
Fourth (just my own business),
I often feel bizarre in interpreting how life’s system works in the drama, probably because I tend to compare it with real life (reality) although its fantasy drama after all.

Overall, I don’t know how many times I say “Whoaa..”, “Amazing!” or “Daebak!” in the whole process watching this drama. It’s just mind-blowing with well written and well put drama. TvN amazes me once more with Goblin after Reply Me 1989 and Misaeng.

Watch Goblin trailer here


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