on Youth Over Flowers Africa (TV Show)


(running and sliding in desert in Namib Desert)

Hello everyone! Finally I’m back with another review! I’ve been busy with college stuff for this past several months and I just back from a month holiday in my hometown, Palembang, South Sumatra. I’m back with another review on one of my favorite Korean entertainment, its a 2016 show titled “Youth Over Flowers Africa” aired on TvN.

My first encountered with this TV show is through my friend. She recommended this show because the ep was taken in Africa and I was like, “Wow, that would be my first time watching Korean TV show shoots in Africa.” Then I give it a shot. But first of all I haven’t watch Reply 1988 when I watch this show. I don’t know if that would make my review bias or not since they were really bond into each other (I might not feeling it at that time). But let’s move on..

Basically in this episode of the show, the PDs’ ‘kidnapped’ the actors from Reply 1988 (read my review here): Ahn Jae Hong played as Kim Jung Bong, Ryu Jun Yeol as Kim Jung Hwan, Go Kyung Pyo as Sung Sun Woo and Park Bo Gum as Choi Taek. They were kidnapped from having the success party in Thailand and told that they were invited as guest star in Youth Over Flowers and they should go to Namibia, Africa. At that time, Park Bo Gum did not attended the party in Thailand due to other live show in Korea. Instead, Park Bo Gum being told that he should join his Reply 1988 peers to Africa right after he finished attending/hosting the live show (which is for crazy and exciting at the same time)!

They were in Namibia, doing road trip and going famous places with not that much amount of money (and therefore they have to keep everything tight and on the budget) since they have to rent car, buying foods, pay for hotels and other necessity. They were not allowed to bring anything or ask anything from they own property. They only allowed to bring what they currently have, what people gave to them and what they bought in the airport. The three cast even keep fork, spoon and butter from meal in the plane for future use! very thoughtful! >:D

The first episode shows how they struggling to rent a car, I’m just so sorry for them to spend money by taxi to go places and back and go back to the airport after having unsuccessful car renting process.

After watching 7 episodes of this TV show I feel like my desires to explore the world is increasing heavily to the point where I immediately searching for flights to Namibia. The locations, the natures, the animal, the sights, the solid bond between the actors made me jealous! I can’t count how many times I pause on my GOM Player only to enjoy the beautiful sights with amazing cinematography and also crawling in bed wanting the same thing happened to me :”)

I have countless images from capturing the scenes. Here, let me show you these incredible shots from this show:


On their journey with a rental car






The sunset sights next to their lodging in the early days


Look at these shots! It’s freaking looks like postcards!










Road trip with wild animal in the Ethosa National Park!







On their last journey, they went to huge waterfall there’s a beautiful rainbow framing the sights, coincidentally!

In the last episode is the recap episode about what they’ve been done in the whole journey. Sadly, they are not went to Sossusvlei because they did not make the turn in the National Park! Just look at this nature if they REALLY went to!


There are still a lot of images but I just keep it ‘shortly’ x)

Honestly, I can’t tell you how many times I replay this entire or watch the episode individually just to see and remembering how fun, memorable and beautiful their a week journey (even when I haven’t watch Reply 1988 just yet) (according to Wikipedia they stayed in Namibia and Zimbabwe for 10 days). After I watch Reply 1988, I can finally understood fully their relationship as peers and friends in real life. It is so unbelievable to see these kinds of great vibe between friends and I really adore how polite and respectful Park Bo Gum is! I wish he really really really is a person like that in real life.

Namibia, you are on my to do list journey. I wish someday I could visit your beautiful places. Who’s with me?! 😀

Overall, I REALLY enjoy Youth Over Flower Africa and I’m enjoying this kind of TV Show and looking forward to watch in other places as well.

Watch their journey here: http://kshowonline.com/kshow/4561-[engsub]-youth-over-flowers-africa-ep.1





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