on Gary Leaving Running Man (TV Show)


I know. It’s been almost a year Gary left Running Man. But bruh, although it has been months since he left, two new members added and some episodes are funny, but I personally can’t move on from the fact that Gary is no longer be part of Running Man.

He’s married now without telling members and crew of Running Man (rumors said) and Gary changed his number so all the members can’t contact him. Although I’m sure they back in contact now, I assume.

When I first knew Gary is leaving Running Man, I was shooked and couldn’t believe what I heard. I thought that must be a a misconception or this is just an unclear issue brought up by media. But no. It’s true and I feel devastated and betrayed.

I know that just because Gary has no longer part of Running Man (physically) he still be one of the 7 members. It took me a while to made me completely understand that just because Gary is no longer in Running Man episodes, doesn’t mean that I have to erase the memories as well.

Honestly until now, if I watch Running Man episodes I sometimes still ‘imagine’ if Gary were on the team and played those games. Would have been funnier. Would have been more entertaining. And would have been complete with Gary.

After all, although the new members are funny and other Running Man members frankly ‘accepted’ them as members, I’m not considering them as Running Man members just yet. I’m still considering them as two guests.

I miss you and I’m a fan of your music and comedy, Kang Gary. Be happy with your married life and music career.

And I love you Running Man. 7012 manse!


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